Your favorite FIX parser adds the ability to safely share data!

We just turned on another feature to make your life even easier. You can now share FIX logs safely and securely using the “Share” button. No more raw text in emails. No more bad copy paste jobs. No more strange characters or line breaks introduced by who knows what. No better way to share FIX across companies.

##What does it do?
Clicking on the ‘Share’ button brings up a panel, asking you to confirm that you want to send your data to a remote server. Before a single bit of your FIX logs leave your local computer, they are encrypted or locked.

Once they are encrypted, they are sent to a datastore over a secure connection. In return, you are given a link url and a key to decrypt or unlock your data. Without this key, no one will be able to decrypt (certainly not us).

When you want to share your FIX logs with someone, email them the link and the key. When they follow the link, they will be asked for the key so FIX logs can be unlocked.

That’s it. A new button, a couple of dialog boxes and a much easier life.

##Is it secure?
The single new “Share” button hides behind it a surprising amount of work. Did you notice that your connection to FIX parser is secure. Some of you might see https where you used to see just http. Some of you will see a lock icon or address bar with a different color. The application was migrated to a completely new infrastructure just for this little bit of technology - an extra ‘s’ added on to ‘http.’ This means that when the code for your parser is downloaded to your computer, the transfer occurs over secure lines.

Your data is encrypted using Stanford’s SJCL library. If someone manages to find the link where your data is stored, all they will see is incomprehensible gobbledygook. For example, the phrase “fix parser at targetcompid is awesome” may look like “ad@$@%$agagszdf$W5634FGSF.” A key is required to decrypt this phrase back to English. Our servers never see this key.

##What’s next?
You tell us!