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FPGA UDP A/B Feed Arbitration

Anyone know of any solutions that can do identical A / B feed arbitration for ITCH feeds? It must be able to support large latency differences between the feeds (mmW vs fiber) and would either be a bump in the wire appliance type device (maybe a switch) or integrated into a NIC. Really want to avoid having to do it in software.

I had come across the Solarflare AOE Line Arbitration for their first gen PCIe FPGA NIC. This seemed really promising given that the first gen AOE cards can be had for cheap and that they had a ready made FPGA application for this task. In the end though they no longer offer the license for that application and the full length PCIe card is impossible to fit in a typical HFT server…

Any ideas?

Do you have any sample signal input I can use to test on?