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Soon you will be able to share FIX messages with colleagues or clients

FIX parser at has always been safe for your FIX messages. All parsing logic is done in your browser - it will work even if you disconnect your computer from the internet!

Yesterday the parser was updated to work over https. This was a preparatory step for the next giant leap in functionality. If you choose, you will be able to share FIX snippets with your colleagues or customers.

Soon you will be able to share FIX snippets securely and safely. Imagine sending this a simple link to a fix parser both of you already use, instead of pages of text badly formatted by outlook.

Coming (fairly) soon!

Very cool. I’ve always imagined the ability to send with a URL encoded FIX message as part of the URL…

Something along the lines of:|9%3D438|35%3D8|1%3D123456|11%3D570529184|14%3D27|15%3DUSD|17%3D68530522|20%3D0|30%3D39|31%3D323.87|32%3D27|34%3D68749|37%3D570529184|39%3D2|43%3DN|54%3D5|55%3DDWTI|52%3D20160209-16%3A34%3A34.404|109%3DTEST|150%3D2|151%3D0|526%3D570529184|851%3DA|1040%3Dtest|15001%3DL|15002%3D209625106|15003%3D9719|15005%3D21928684625|15006%3D9086274|15007%3D323.87|15008%3D53|15009%3D0|15010%3D570529184|15011%3DARCX|15022%3D20160209-16%3A30%3A01.557|10%3D082|

This makes for very ugly links but no server side storage of messages (other than server logs)…

How were you planning to implement FIX message sharing? This might be a good second option…

I was thinking of the pastebin model.

Your text will be encrypted and uploaded to a datastore. You will be shown the link and the encryption key. In order to share this link with someone, you will have to send them the link as well as the key. Note that without the key, there will be no way to decrypt the message. Encryption and key generation will be done on client’s browser. What travels over the internet and stored will be the encrypted text.

If someone follows a link, the site will download the encrypted text to the client’s browser. If someone has a key, they will be able to decrypt the message (again, this will happen on the client’s browser).

I just need to find the time to do it!